k9 Comfort Dog

Support Abner and the work of his team by clicking below or you can text a donation.

Text any amount: it can be $10 #abner OR 10 #abner to 512-213-2367

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Meet Abner!

Abner is part of the Lutheran Church Charities K9 Comfort Dog program. Abner interact with children in our preschool, visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and serve to comfort in emergency situations.

We do not charge to visit people or places and are entirely funded through donations.

Scroll down to see videos of what the dogs have done and how to support this ministry!

If you are interested in volunteering for this ministry or requesting information on having the dog visit a location or individual contact abner@bethanyaustin.com

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Veterinary Care is provided by Brodie Animal Hospital

Cannon Oaks Shopping Center

3421 W William Cannon Dr # 110

Austin, TX 78745


National News Coverage of LCC k9 Teams

Click any of the images below to see what the dogs and their teams have done!

  • Dallas - Police

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  • Orlando - Shooting

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  • Boston - Bombing

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